Coupon Solutions

For over a decade we’ve been driving innovation in the Canadian online coupons marketplace

Starting with Mail to Home and Print at Home Coupons and now with Cashback Offers we have the coupon solutions your consumers want.

Our Online Coupon and Cashback Offer Solutions are deployed across a variety of promotional use cases helping leading Brands reach their marketing goals

Coupon Solutions for Brands

Stand Alone Coupon Pages

Drive your consumer directly to a single coupon landing page where they can request the coupon immediately with no sign ins required.  Offer Print at Home, Mail to Home or Cashback Offers.

Brand Coupon Microsites

Drive your consumers to a hosted site featuring several of your brand coupons. These can be offered as Print at Home, Mail to Home and Cashback Offers. Choose all three options or a combination of the three. These coupons can be gated with a sign in or can be available to all.

Fully Embedded Coupon Experience on Brand website

Have your own brand site? eCRM program?  Why not embed a coupon section directly into your site. Drive your consumers back to your branded experience where they will be given the opportunity to order coupons. As this is directly on your site, you will have access to all the coupon distribution and redemption data as well as the consumer data. This is a great way to close the loop on the consumer journey.

Coupon Media and Promotion

Does your campaign need a boost? Access one of Canada’s largest Canadian shopper databases. Whether it’s via an eMail eblast, promotion on our website or social media ads, we can help generate visibility and drive traffic to your coupons. Many brands rely on to increase their distribution.

How We Distribute Offers to Consumers for Brands

Mail to Home Coupons

A consumer favourite! The original request based online coupon is mailed directly to your home. Have a high value offer? Perfect to go out through Mail to Home

Print at Home Coupons

Print at Home coupons allow consumers to print their coupons at home and redeem them in-store.

Cashback Offers

Fast, easy and paper free Cashback Offers are becoming one of the preferred methods for consumers to save on groceries.