Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands can effectively utilize discount coupons and cashback offers to grow their consumer email list. Brands can leverage coupons and cashback offers to incentivize consumers to provide their email address by joining the Brand’s Newsletter and opting-in for future communications thereby allowing brands to establish direct and personalized connections.

The ability to connect directly with their customers on an ongoing basis helps brands remain ‘top of mind’ and allows them to prompt consumers with reasons to engage with the brand: A new recipe, a new product launch, high value coupons, an exciting contest and others.

A large customer email list is a competitive asset for Brands and focusing on building and growing their consumer email database is a digital marketing best practice we strongly recommend to all of our Consumer Packaged Goods Brands clients. Leveraging the power of discount coupons and cashback offers allows Brands to grow their email list much faster.

Here are six effective ways that brands can utilize coupons and cashback offers to grow their email list:

1. Create Compelling Coupon and Cashback Offers:
Deploy attractive coupon and cashback offers that provide real value to consumers. This is the most important part of the strategy and represents an investment in customer acquisition. A strong coupon offer is a must and will generate a high ROI over time because it is essentially a consumer giving the brand permission to enter into ongoing communication that can lead to many purchases in the future.

2. Develop Custom Coupon Landing Pages:
Create dedicated coupon landing pages on your website or coupon microsites specifically for these coupon and cashback offers. These landing pages should clearly explain the benefits of joining your Brand Newsletter including unique members only coupons and cashback offers, contests, freebies, recipes and more. Include a prominent call-to-action and an easy-to-use form for customers to provide their email address.

3. Member Referral Programs:
Implement a customer referral program where members can earn additional discounts, unique coupons or cashback rewards by referring other customers to the Brand Newsletter. Encourage members to share their code with friends and family or across their social media profiles, increasing the reach of your campaign and attracting new subscribers. Referral programs have been used successfully by consumer powerhouses such as UBER and others. Turn your happy customers into brand advocates with a Referral Program.

4. Promote Coupon Offers On-Pack and In-Store:
Include calls-to-action on your product packaging inviting customers to join your Brand Newsletter to get access to exclusive coupon and cashback offers. Additionally, if possible display signage at retail highlighting the benefits of signing up to the Brand Newsletter to obtain unique coupons, cashback offers and other promotions.

5. Leverage Social Media for Coupon Distribution:
Utilize your social media platforms to spread the word about your coupons and cashback offers with the intention of leading consumers to your coupon landing pages. Create engaging content related to the discounts or cashback rewards. Encourage followers to sign up to the Brand Newsletter in order to access the coupons and cashback offers. Use persuasive messaging and compelling visuals to capture attention and drive engagement.

6. Personalization and Segmentation:
Segment your email list based on product purchase history, coupon and cashback offer redemption history or other factors. Tailor your email marketing campaigns to provide personalized content and promotional offers that resonate with each segment. Personalization increases engagement, drives higher conversion rates and is a standard best practice in grocery and CPG loyalty programs. Put it to work for your brand and watch your engagement grow.

By deploying these initiatives CPG brands can effectively leverage discount coupons and cashback offers as incentives to grow their consumer email list at a fast rate.

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