Enhance your customer engagement, generate incremental sales and build customer loyalty with our new Receipt Management and Validation Platform.

webSaver’s new Receipt Validation Platform has been designed specifically to satisfy the needs of CPG Brands seeking to build long lasting relationships with the new generation of mobile first, phone camera friendly consumers.

webSaver has been at the forefront of Online Coupons and Promotions innovation since 2010, and with our new Receipt Validation solution we provide Brands the tools they require to satisfy their customer’s needs for promotional offer and reward variety, as well as speed and simplicity of reward issuance.

With our Platform CPG Brands can deploy Consumer Offers and Promotions quickly and easily with no third party interactions. Brands can reward consumers for making specific purchases with a variety of reward types that suit their objectives.

All the consumer has to do is take a picture of their receipt and submit it to webSaver for validation, processing and delivery of the reward – whether it’s Cashback, Prizes, Products, Coupons, Samples and more.

For example:

  • A CPG Brand could reward consumers that make 4 specific product purchases over a 4 week period with $5.00 in Cashback and a free product sample, or a personalized gift.
  • A Brand could run a contest that consumers can only enter by making a specific purchase and submitting their receipt.
  • A Brand could provide $1.00 Cashback to consumers that purchase a specific product, and send them a $0.50 coupon for their next purchase.

There really is no limit to the variety of consumer actions Brands can incentivize, and the rewards they can deliver to consumers with Receipt Validation Solutions from webSaver.

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How the Process Works
Our Receipt Validation platform works as a simple three step process, easy for Brands to deploy and for consumers to utilize and benefit from.

  1. Purchase:
    Consumer purchases a specific product or performs a unique action, either in one transaction or many as required by Brand.
  2. Submit:
    Consumer takes a picture of their receipt and uploads it for validation and processing through a simple interface.
  3. Reward:
    webSaver validates the receipt, processes the transactional information and delivers the consumer reward as specified.

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Receipt Management Validation Platform benefits

The ability to allow consumers to take advantage of promotional offers and discounts by simply taking a picture of their receipt and submitting it for validation is a total gamechanger in Online Coupons and Cashback Offers.

  • Fast and easy setup and management of offers
  • Facilitates unlimited variety of offer types and rewards
  • Robust fraud detection and validation
  • Completely private labeled
  • Consumer profile and administration area
  • Detailed campaign reporting and analytics

Receipt Management Solution Customer Use Cases

Below are some examples of Customer Use Cases Brands can execute with the Receipt Management Platform from webSaver.

  • Cashback Offers
  • Contests & Promotions
  • Loyalty Program
  • Customer Retention
  • Gift with purchase
  • BOGO
  • Product Samples

webSaver’s new Receipt Validation Solution can revolutionize your Promotional Marketing strategy with its speed, simplicity and overall value generated for end consumers and your Brand.

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With over 10 years leading the Canadian online coupons marketplace and 150 Million coupon issued we know coupons. We’ve worked with 90% of Canada’s leading consumer packaged goods brands providing them with the online coupons and cashback offer solutions that generate real value for their business. Whether your strategic objective is customer acquisition, customer lift (Increased transaction size and frequency) or customer retention webSaver can help.

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