by webSaver

September 11, 2023


Consumer Packaged Goods CPG brands accustomed to executing discount coupon strategies as a core component of their promotional marketing strategies are now also increasingly embracing grocery receipt based cashback offers to create more dynamic and data-driven marketing campaigns.

While coupons in their various formats (Print at Home Coupons, Mail to Home Coupons) are a staple for attracting a broad consumer base, cashback offers provide brands with the opportunity to foster deeper customer engagement, gather valuable purchase data, and deploy programs rapidly. This evolution reflects a growing emphasis on personalization, customer loyalty, and the need for a competitive edge in the ever-evolving consumer packaged goods landscape, where data-backed insights and tailored incentives are becoming requisite for success.

For those not familiar with the concept of receipt based Cashback offers below we provide a quick primer on the topic. If you require more in depth knowledge on this effective strategy we invite you to contact us and we will go over all the elements with you. webSaver is one of the leading providers of Grocery Receipt based cashback programs in Canada, and we can work with your Brand to get a Canada wide cashback promotional program up and running in days – All with NO Clearinghouse NO Barcodes, and REAL TIME data!

Receipt cashback programs, are marketing initiatives or loyalty programs that offer customers cashback or rewards in exchange for making purchases of specific products or brands and then providing proof of purchase through receipts. The process is simple, the consumer generally takes a picture of their receipt with their phone and uploads it to a web based interface. The receipt is then validated and the consumer is issued the cash or other reward. Our webSaver Cashback Solutions offering for Brands is a complete end to end platform and encompasses all facets of running a Cashback Offers program, as a Brand all you need to do is promote your offers.

These programs are typically employed by consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and retailers to incentivize customers to buy their products. Below are just some of the benefits of Receipt based cashback offers, they illustrate why many Brands are adding them to their coupon first promotional marketing strategy as many consumers have become dependent on their mobile devices and find it easier to take a picture of a receipt and upload it than to engage with the coupon process.

Flexible and Easy Brand Executions

  • Quick setup with no clearinghouse barcode requirements. Campaigns can be up and running extremely quickly.
  • Integrate into your web, social & brand CRM properties.
  • Brand pays only for Redemptions or Purchases; allows for more accurate budgeting.

Timely and Deep Data

  • Daily Redemption data.
  • Detailed reporting available in real time.
  • Data beyond your brand purchases, get access to entire shopper receipt to better understand your customers and share of basket.

Simplified Consumer Experience

  • No app to download. Integrates seamlessly into your brand eCRM/website.
  • Just snap/scan receipt to save and earn money. It’s fast, easy and made for today’s mobile device loving consumers.
  • There is no minimum threshold for consumer to meet so they can be paid weekly.
  • Consumer is incentivized to try new products or brands or to save on purchases from their favourite brands.

It’s important for brands to design and promote these cashback programs effectively, as well as to ensure a smooth and reliable process for receipt submission and validation, to maximize their impact and provide a positive experience for customers.

With the experience gained from hundreds of successful client engagements the Cashback Offers experts at webSaver can help your Brand execute a receipt based cashback offers program that delivers results.

In conclusion, Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands should consider deploying a receipt based cashback program or traditional discount coupon program based on their specific marketing objectives, target audience, and the nature of their products. We are strong believers in both promotional initiatives and regularly see solid evidence of the ability of these types of promotions to drive product sales and increase customer retention and loyalty.

More recently we have been advising Brands to run both programs concurrently because having both allows the consumer to select how they want to engage with the Brand’s promotions. Some consumers gravitate towards the more traditional coupons in their various forms, while others prefer the convenience and simplicity of cashback offers. Again, the choice between these approaches should align with the Brand’s marketing goals, promotional timelines, and the preferences of the target audience.

Online coupons and cashback offers are a great way to attract, engage and retain your best customers. Keep your customers for the long term and put the power of cashback offers to work for your brand with help from the experts at webSaver.

Contact us to get started.

With over 10 years leading the Canadian online coupons marketplace and 150 Million coupon issued we know coupons. We’ve worked with 90% of Canada’s leading consumer packaged goods brands providing them with the online coupons and cashback offer solutions that generate real value for their business. Whether your strategic objective is customer acquisition, customer lift (Increased transaction size and frequency) or customer retention webSaver can help.

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