We know that Online Coupons and Cashback Offers are a great way for Brands to acquire new consumers, to increase the purchase size and frequency from existing consumers, and to grow consumer loyalty for the long term.

However, in order to maximize the value generated from coupon strategy it is important for Brands to have detailed campaign performance reporting on a timely basis, so they can make better informed and data driven decisions about their initiatives and how to proceed.

It is for these reasons that we are announcing the launch of our new and completely redesigned webSaver Campaign Reporting System.

These and many other questions are important to Brands and we understand their need for answers in as close to real-time as possible.

  • How many people have downloaded your Coupons? How many have redeemed? How many coupons remain to be distributed?
  • Which Offers – By type, product, face value, distribution method or date – were the most popular?
  • How does the performance of your recent coupons compare to previous offers? Are you on the right track?
  • Do your consumers prefer Coupons or Cashback Offers? Print at Home Coupons or Mail to Home Coupons?
  • And so many more.

You can also download all your reports for further analysis or integration with other data analysis platforms.

Main Coupon Campaigns Dashboard

Get fast insights on your campaign performance with the Main Coupon Campaign Reporting Dashboard. View a timely snapshot of your Campaign Activity, Distribution and Redemption.

Detailed Reporting on all facets of your Campaigns

Get detailed performance data from all your campaigns quickly and easily in one place. View detailed Distribution and Redemption data by Type, Date and Status and much more.

Advanced Filtering to drill down to important insights

The system allows users to drill down and filter the results on all campaign reporting variables to quickly explore the data in a more granular manner with just a few clicks.

Coupon Detail pages provide all the info for each coupon

This is the place you’ll find every data item available on individual Coupon Offers. Distribution, Redemption, Detailed Performance, Timeframes, Types, Creatives and much more in one place.

Coupon Creative Images for quick recall and comparison

Effective coupon creative and visuals contribute to campaign performance. View all your coupon and cashback offer creative, see how they performed and gain insights from your best performers.

webSaver’s new and completely redesigned Campaign Reporting System provides Consumer Packaged Goods Brands with all the information they need to make better informed and more timely strategic decisions about their Online Coupons and Cashback Offers campaigns.

To find out more and to see how your Brand can leverage the power of our new webSaver Campaign Reporting System please contact your webSaver Account representative.

With over 10 years leading the Canadian online coupons marketplace and 150 Million coupon issued we know coupons. We’ve worked with 90% of Canada’s leading consumer packaged goods brands providing them with the online coupons and cashback offer solutions that generate real value for their business. Whether your strategic objective is customer acquisition, customer lift (Increased transaction size and frequency) or customer retention webSaver can help.

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