Cashback Rebate Offers

We all know that online coupons in all their formats are a powerful way for Brands to drive business and increase engagement levels with their customers.

Cashback rebate offers where consumers take a picture of their receipt and are credited with cash for making specific Brand purchases are also exploding in popularity because consumers love them and they work!

Take a look at the top reasons why Brands offer Online Coupons and Cashback Offers to their customers.

  1. Gain new customers.
  2. Competitive switch.
  3. Introduce new products/SKUs.
  4. Counteract competitive pressures.
  5. Supplement other promotional efforts.
  6. Maintain shopper loyalty and brand relationship.
  7. Trade customers up to larger sizes.
  8. Target specific markets or retailers.
  9. Cushion price increase.
  10. Maintain brand awareness.

To take advantage of some or all of these benefits available to CPG Brands running Discount Coupons or Cashback Offers campaigns make sure to work with the proven experts at and  generate the maximum value from your Discount Coupons or Cashback Offers strategy.

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